Mehran University Applied Research Grant in Pakistan, 2018

Scholarships: The US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) is delighted to offer its Applied Research Grant to pursue research in the area of water. The grant is exclusively open for researchers/scientists for addressing water-related issues and challenges. The goal of the USPCAS-W Research Program is to stimulate competitive and innovative applied research that is multi-disciplinary in nature and developed within the broader context of the water-development nexus to support the achievement SDG 6.

Host College/University: Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (Often referred as Mehran University or MUET) is a public research university located in Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan focused on STEM education.

Degree level/ Field of Study: Grant is available to pursue research.

Available Subject: Grant is awarded in the area of water, especially to address issues impeding the socio-economic development of Pakistan. water scarcity, water quality, water governance, agriculture and industrial water management, groundwater management, urban and irrigation water systems, adaptation to climate change, wastewater treatment and use, water and community, and technology development and transfer, among others.

Scholarship Award: Maximum funding available for each project is around Pak Rs 3 million.

Nationalities:  Pakistani applicants are eligible to apply for the grant. 

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must be a researchers or scientists.

Applying procedure Instructions: 

  • The application package should be submitted by email.
  • The research proposals should clearly state:
  •     (i) project rationale and objectives,
  •     (ii) study methodology,
  •     (iii) expected project impact in terms of benefits to Pakistan’s economy,
  •     (iv) linkages to water SDG,
  •     (v) sustainability plan, and 
  •     (vi) work plan together with detailed budget. In addition, the proposal should specifically elaborate on the:
  •      (i)  novelty and feasibility of proposed idea;
  •      (ii) strengths and experience of the research team; and
  •      (iii) plan for capacity building through training, student involvement, and gender equity.
  • Only high-quality proposals with potential to influence policy-making towards addressing water issues listed above will be considered for funding. 

Scholarships Official Web Links:

Application Form:

Scholarship Link:

 Scholarship Deadline: January 8, 2018

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