Top Part-Time MBA Programs in the USA, 2018

A part-time MBA program allows students to schedule there study as per their desired, this flexibility allow them to take classes in weekends, evenings, or few days in a week whichever convenient for them. These studies enrich them to enhance there skills as same as a full-time MBA student.

Find below list of best “Part-Time MBA Programs offers in the USA”, which help you to find the best business schools to get a degree of MBA in different locations. Read the details below and select the best one.

University of California—​Berkeley (Haas) Berkeley, CA

University of California—​Berkeley (Haas) Berkeley, CA

University of California—​Berkeley, Berkeley Haas offering Part-time MBA Program, its subjects covering leadership, fresh thinking, positive impact, and an incredibly talented, varied, combined society— one that forms an invaluable, social and business network.

This Evening & Weekend MBA Program is a part-time MBA program, it is one of the convenient options to enhanced your skills and study as per you busy professionals. The duration of course three years, but can be completed in 2.5 years, it designed specifically to those who plan to get a top-ranked MBA along with their working.

Ranking: 1st
Part-Time Score: 100
Acceptance Rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 846
Adm. Office Contact: 1996-2018

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University of Chicago (Booth) Chicago, IL

University of Chicago (Booth) Chicago, IL

Chicago Booth offering MBA degree in four various program formats: Student can opt Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, weekend MBA or Executive MBA degree programs.

If you have a courage to achieve your professional and personal goals, all these four MBA programs offer the same dominant MBA degree, the top -class faculty and the same incomparable business education to complete your dreams. No need to leave your career to get this world-class MBA from Chicago Booth.

Whether you’re in executive phase or a rising candidate of any organization, these programs are available in distinctive formats that suit your career timings. You will find the same faculty, education standard and degree in all formats.

Ranking: 2nd
Part-Time Score: 97
Acceptance Rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 1,377

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Northwestern University (Kellogg) Evanston, IL

Kellogg’s is top-ranked university in MBA faculty, it offers part-time MBA program that suits intellectual and motivated leaders who have a courage to boost their professional skills along with their career continuity. Kellogg’s evening & weekend MBA Program are designed to master your professional skills and build the professional network to get the maximum career objectives while getting an MBA part-time.

You will find the widest array of international opportunities, an unmatched methodology to develop leadership skills and a degree that forms well-versed frontrunners.

Ranking: 3rd
Part-Time Score: 95
Acceptance Rate: 65.6%
Part-time Enrollment: 747
Adm. Office Contact: 312.503.8385, [email protected]

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New York University (Stern) New York, NY

New York University (Stern) New York, NY

NYU Stern offers a wide range of MBA programs to enhance your academic and professional objectives. Classes at NYU’s Stern School of Business in Manhattan are available in weeknights, Saturdays, or through an fast-tracked two-year program. You may opt classes according to your desired schedule.

The Part-time MBA also have a state of the art Langone Lab, where you’ll connect with professors and classmates to share your assignments, literature  or query’s which allows you to improve your professional skills as well as renowned MBA degree.

Ranking: 4th
Part-Time Score: 91
Acceptance Rate: 65.8%
Part-time Enrollment: 1,300
Adm. Office Contact: (212) 998-0100

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University of California—​Los Angeles (Anderson) Los Angeles, CA

University of California—​Los Angeles

The UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) Program is designed for working professionals looking to jump to next steps in their careers on fast pace. This MBA program is a flexible 3-year part-time.

World-renowned UCLA Anderson faculty is teaching this program, to get an MBA degree while working full time, this degree is more suitable for such professionals.

Ranking: 5th
Part-Time Score: 90
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Part-time Enrollment: 983
Adm. Office Contact: [email protected], (310) 825-2632, F: (310) 206-4151

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The University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor (Ross) Ann Arbor, MI  

The University of Michigan

Michigan Ross is one of the top-ranked school in MBA studies, devoted to produce a world class MBA students and professionals for a better world. The Evening MBA program allows you to get benefit of the Michigan Ross MBA studies experience with maximum flexibility options.

You may join in campus life as much as you desired, from student clubs to case competitions. You can take classes on weekends, after daily work or during the weekday evenings — as many or as few credits as you’re comfortable with each semester.

You’ll earn a renowned degree that’s admired and acceptable around the world, and you can earn this degree entirely on your own study terms.

Ranking: 6th
Part-Time Score: 85
Acceptance Rate: 74.3%
Part-time Enrollment: 402
Adm. Office Contact: [email protected], 734.615.6529

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Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper School is the second top-rated university in MBA programs. Part-Time On-Campus MBA program offers 32-month option that suits working professionals looking to get the the advantage of an MBA experience. Part-Time students studying at the main Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and adore average class sizes of approximately 60-70, often allows learning and employed alongside their full-time classmates.

The Part-Time On-Campus MBA student experience also focused on leadership skills and involvement with the Graduate Business Association, student clubs, and corporate recruiting agencies.

Ranking: 7th Tie
Part-Time Score: 79
Acceptance Rate: 58.8%
Part-time Enrollment: 119
Adm. Office Contact: 412-268-2268

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University of Texas—​Austin (McCombs) Austin, TX

University of Texas

Texas Evening MBA Program offer s you a symbiotic life, dream to continuing your career during the day and soaking up a world-class business education at night, this program is appropriate for such professionals. Your hand on experience and education improvement combination will fuel each other.

You may apply your studies in your career to attain your next level quickly. This is a right investment for your bright future, UT Austin also rewards financial support to many students in tuition and living costs to earn this renowned MBA degree.

Ranking: 7th Tie
Part-Time Score: 79
Acceptance Rate: 73.7%
Part-time Enrollment: 453
Adm. Office Contact: [email protected]

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Ohio State University (Fisher) Columbus, OH

Ohio State University (Fisher) Columbus, OH is the only university in Central Ohio that offers part-time MBA program. It ranks among the nation’s best universities and suitable for working professionals. It’s demanding MBA program at a pace that turns the busy schedules of employed students. You can earn your MBA degree at Ohio State with experienced and professional peers without pausing your job. You can take classes in the evenings on weekends or a bit of both to earn the degree as per your desired schedule.

Ranking: 9th Tie
Part-Time Score: 75
Acceptance Rate: 74.7%
Part-time Enrollment: 365
Adm. Office Contact: 614-292-8511, [email protected]

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University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities (Carlson) Minneapolis, MN

The Carlson Part-Time MBA program allows learners who are continuing their careers. Containing an up-to-date course, the Carlson Part-Time MBA communicates a complete understanding of business models that prepares you to outclass in your field. It is also the most flexible top-ranked MBA program offers a chance specially for working professionals to keep their career goals at fast-track. There are different formats which includes online, condensed-format, and weekend classes that suitable for any schedule.

Ranking: 9th Tie
Part-Time Score: 75
Acceptance Rate: 85.4%
Part-time Enrollment: 919
Adm. Office Contact: [email protected], 612-625-5555

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